How to Activate Your Facebook Ad

How to activate your Facebook Marketing ad + view results after the campaign ends

How to activate Facebook Marketing when your shoot is comlete.

How to activate my Facebook Marketing Product:

To Manually activate your Facebook Marketing product, go to your Order History in your IMOTO account. You will see a blue bar below the photo on the order that says "Click here to start your Facebook campaign." Once you click the link, you will see that the ad is activated. (Note: you may need to refresh your page after you click the link). 

If you chose to have IMOTO automatically activate your ad, your ad will start running as soon as your photos are delivered. See here for more details

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How do I know if my Facebook Marketing Product is live? 

Go to your Order History in your IMOTO account and view your order. If your Facebook ad is currently live, there will be a blue line that reads: "Your Facebook Ad is Active." This means that your ad is currently being delivered to potential buyers within 50 miles of your listing address through Facebook and Instagram. You can also view your ad on the IMOTO Virtual Tours Facebook Page. (Please note: You cannot make changes to the ad. The ad may take up to 24 hours to show up on the IMOTO Virtual Tours Page. This does not reflect the ad delivery time). 

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What happens when my Facebook ad stops running?

Your Facebook ad will run for 3, 6, or 14 days, depending on the product level you chose when you purchased the Facebook Marketing Product. After the ad finishes running, you will get an email with the results from the ad. The results include clicks and impressions.

You are also able to extend the ad for 3 ($25), 6 ($50), or 14 ($100) days, by clicking on the extend button in the results email. Your ad extension will be the same product level that you originally ordered (i.e. if you ordered the 6 day ad, your extension will be 6 days for $50) and your card on file will be automatically billed.