Where can I find the virtual tour?

You can access your free virtual tours in your order completion email and in your IMOTO order history.

Every IMOTO order comes with two free virtual tours; a branded and an unbranded version. You can access them through the order completion email and through your IMOTO order history.

1. Access Through Your Order Completion Email:

When your IMOTO order is complete, you will get an email notification letting you know the products are ready. You can find a link to the Branded and Unbranded virtual tour in the email.


2. Access Through Your Order History:

You can also access the virtual tour links in your IMOTO Order History. Log into your IMOTO Account and click on My Orders to access you order history. Scroll to find the order you are looking for (or search by order number) and click on "More Options." Click on "Virtual Tour" to access the branded tour or "Virtual Tour (UnBranded)" to access the unbranded version. 


Click here to learn more about IMOTO's virtual tour.