What is Virtual Staging?

IMOTO's Virtual Staging product allows you to stage your listing with virtual furniture.

What is virtual staging?

Like normal staging, Virtual Staging allows you to add furniture to your vacant listing. However, virtual staging is 100% virtual. Furniture and decor is digitally placed in your listing photos!

Why use virtual staging over traditional staging?

1. Virtual staging is more cost effective than traditional staging. Traditional staging can cost on average $2,000 per month (for a 2,000 sqft home), whereas virtual staging only runs $75 per photo. Additionally, virtual staging is a simply a one-time fee, while traditional staging will be subject to reoccurring monthly fees.

2. Virtual staging is a convenient solution, as all of the staging is done digitally. This means no scheduling stagers to move furniture in/out of the property, no risk in damaging expensive furniture or decor, and no limitations on type/style of staging. 

3. Virtual staging gives you the best of both worlds! Staging gives potential buyers a better understanding of the space, and a vacant listing lets potential buyers imagine the space as their own. When you use virtual staging, you can include both the vacant listing photos and the staged listing photos.

What styles of furniture and decor are available?

You can choose from hundreds of styles of furniture, decor, and artwork when you use IMOTO's Virtual Staging. For a quick and easy solution, choose a fully staged design directly from our Virtual Staging Library, or if you are an interior-designer at heart, pick and choose the items you'd like to see in your staged photo. To view all of our staging options, check out our  Virtual Staging Library

How do you order Virtual Staging?

There are two ways to order virtual staging.

1. To order virtual staging with a NEW photo shoot, go to IMOTO.com, log in or create an account, then click on Place Order. After you add your listing information, you will be asked to add products to your cart. Choose both an IMOTO photo shoot and virtual staging. 

2. To order virtual staging for a completed order, log into your IMOTO account. Click on Order History and find your order. Click on Add Products and select virtual staging.

Need help ordering virtual staging and/or navigating our Virtual Staging Library? Check out this tutorial!

Check out examples of Virtual Staging below:

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