What is the Social Media Package?

The Social Media Package contains 5 products to maximize your social media marketing and garnish more views.

The social media package is the perfect product for marketing your listing on social media. The package includes 5 products designed to deliver maximum impact on Facebook and Instagram, and the cost is only $25!

Wondering how to post your Social Media Package online? Check out our tutorial on how to use the Social Media Package on Facebook and Instagram. 

How to Order:

  • Order upfront: Add it to your order while you are placing your order for your photo shoot. You will get the social media package back along with your finished photos.
  • Order After your Photo Shoot is Complete: Add it to your order after your photo shoot is complete through your Order History in your IMOTO account (more details here). When you add the social media package to an order that is already complete, you get to choose the photos that are used!

The Social Media Package includes the following products:

1. Instagram Reel/Tik Tok 

A 30-second video set to fun and calm music. The format is customized to be used as an Instagram Reel or a Tik Tok video. 

HubSpot Video

2. Slideshow Video 
A 30-second reel set to fun and calm music. Perfect for Instagram and Tik Tok. See video below.

HubSpot Video

3. Motion Photo
A still photo brought to life with moving clouds and rippling pools.

HubSpot Video

4. Address Overlay
An exterior photo with an overlay of the property’s address.


5. Color Transformation Photo 
A Motion Photo that transforms from black and white to color.

HubSpot Video


Important Notes: 

  • This is an add-on product only. It must be ordered with a photo shoot.
  • This is a package only. Products cannot be order individually.
  • The "slideshow video" in the package is different than the IMOTO Listing Teaser. The slideshow video is formatted as a square video - so it is idea for sharing on both Instagram and Facebook. It is only 30 seconds long - so idea for capturing buyers attention on social media. It can only be ordered through the social media package and is not available as a stand-alone product.
  • The photos for the package are selected by the editing department. Requests can be made, but they are not guaranteed unless you add the Social Media package to your order after it is complete through the IMOTO Add-On feature.