How do I pick the furniture for the virtual staging?

You can choose from hundreds of furniture styles when you order IMOTO's Virtual Staging product.

Guide to ordering furniture for Virtual Staging: 

1. Click "see catalog" to see the furniture styles and numbers when placing an order on You can also find all the furniture options for the virtual staging on

2. All the furniture sets are organized by room type and have a number below them. Please refer to the furniture number for the "Add Style + Comment" portion.

3. Add furniture # to "Add Style + Comment" section. 

4. Complete your order

Need more help? Check out the video tutorial below:


Important notes: 

  • We can only virtually stage vacant properties.
  • The agent needs to pick the furniture they want on (they need to provide the photographer with the furniture number).
  • Pricing is $75 per photo that we stage (not per room).
  • We can use furniture from multiple furniture sets at the same time.
  • All pieces of furniture will be moved around to fit the room best.
  • Virtual staging can also be ordered for completed orders.