Facebook Marketing Product FAQs

What is the Facebook Marketing product and how does it work?

What is IMOTO's Facebook Marketing Product?

IMOTO's Facebook Marketing Product allows customers to generate a Facebook advertisement with the click of a button. This product is perfect for you if:

  • You do not have a Facebook Business Page
  • You do not know how to advertise on Facebook
  • You do not have time to create your own Facebook ads
  • You'd like to run Instagram ads
  • You want to supplement your own Facebook ads with an ad through IMOTO's page to increase your audience size and exposure

IMOTO runs the advertisement on the IMOTO Virtual Tours business page, and delivers it to potential buyers within 50 miles of the listing through Facebook and Instgram. These leads can click on the ad to view the IMOTO Virtual Tour for the listing. When the ad finishes running, the agent gets an email with the results (clicks and views), so they can share the data with their happy client!

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Tip: Make sure your virtual tour includes all of your listing information, as your Facebook Marketing Ad links directly to your virtual tour. If your need to update your listing details, you can edit your Virtual Tour from your IMOTO Order History!

How does it work?

Check out this flyer for a Facebook Marketing Summary

Order: You can order the Facebook Marketing product when you place an order for a photo shoot, or through your order history on shoots that are already complete. For a full tutorial on how to order, view this article

Market: IMOTO creates a Facebook ad for your order and delivers it through the IMOTO Virtual Tours Business Page. The ad links to your IMOTO Virtual Tour, and contains a custom headline, your name, broker, phone number, and listing details. The ad will be shown to potential buyers within 50 miles of your listing address, and it will be live on both Facebook and Instagram in desktop and mobile views - this means you'll be getting maximum exposure! 

View Results: After your ad is complete, you will get an email with the results from the ad. You'll see the number of views and the number of clicks that the ad generated. (Tip: Share these results with your client!)

Extend: If your listing is still live and you want to reap more results, click the "Extend" button in the results email! 


  1. How much does it cost?
    1. There are three levels to the Facebook Marketing product that you can choose from:
      1. Level 1: An ad that delivers for 3 days for $25. This ad links to your free branded virtual tour.
      2. Level 2: An ad that delivers for 6 days for $50 and includes an upgrade to a Premium Virtual Tour.
      3. Level 3: An ad that delivers for 6 days for $50 and includes an upgrade to a Premium Virtual Tour.
  1. Do I get a copy of my ad?
    1. The IMOTO Facebook Marketing product doesn't deliver a copy of the ad to your IMOTO account, as it is created and published through the Facebook Business Manager platform. However, if you go to the IMOTO Virtual Tours Facebook Page, you can view your ad. 

    2. Please note: It may take up to 24 hours for your ad to show up on the IMOTO Virtual Tours Facebook Page. This does not affect the amount of time your ad is being delivered to your target audience.

  2. How do I share my ad with my client?
    1. You can go to the IMOTO Virtual Tour Facebook Page and share your ad through the share button, or you can send your client to https://www.facebook.com/IMOTOvirtualtours/
  1. Can I post my ad on my own Facebook?
    1. While the ad runs through the IMOTO Virtual Tours Business Page, you can share a copy of your ad on your personal Facebook page or your business page by going to: https://www.facebook.com/IMOTOvirtualtours/, and using the "Share" button at the bottom of your post. 
  2. Can I choose my own photos?
    1. If you order the Facebook Marketing Product after your shoot is complete, you are able to select the photos that will be used in the ad. To do this, order your regular shoot (without the Facebook Marketing product). Once the shoot is complete and you are ready to run your Facebook ad, create an ad through the booking in your order history. you can find a full tutorial on how to do this, here
  3. If I ordered the Facebook Marketing Product pre-shoot, what photos are selected?
    1. If you order the Facebook Marketing Product upfront (when you order your photo shoot), you do not get to choose the photos in the ad. This is because we haven't taken the photos yet! Therefore, IMOTO automatically selects either:
      1. The first 10 photos (if the shoot is less than 20 photos total)
      2. Every other photo (if the shoot is 20+ photos)
    2. (The IMOTO Marketing team reviews your ad before it goes live, to make sure a front shot is the first photo in the ad.)
  4. Can I make changes to my ad after it is live?
    1. You cannot make changes to the photos or text on your ad after it is live.
  5. How do I activate my ad if I chose Manual activation?
    1. Click here for a tutorial on how to activate your ad!
  6. What does the ad look like?
    1. Click here to view examples of the ad format. 
  7. Do I need a Facebook Page to order this product?
    1. No! IMOTO creates and delivers the ad through the IMOTO Virtual Tours Business Page, a Facebook Business account set up specifically to deliver ads for our clients. However, please note you will not see this ad on the feed on this page, as the ad is delivered through a campaign and not a boosted post. 
  8. How can leads get in touch with me if they see my ad and want more information?
    1. Your ad includes your name, broker, and phone number, so it is easy for leads to get in touch if they want more information about your listing. Additionally, if they click the ad, they will be taken to your IMOTO Virtual Tour (or Premium Virtual Tour), which includes all of the listing photos, your listing details, and your contact information! 
  9. Who will see the ad?
    1. IMOTO delivers the ad to potential buyers within 50 miles of the listing address.