Can I buy products after my order is complete?

After your photo shoot is complete, you have the option to add on a variety of products that utilize your listing photos!

After your photo shoot is complete, you have the option to purchase a variety of products that utilize your listing photos! These products include:

  1. Virtual Twilight ($19/photo)
  2. Virtual Staging ($75/photo)
  3. Listing Teaser ($9 slideshow video)
  4. Social Media Package ($25/ 5-product package) - click here for details.
  5. Premium Virtual Tour ($25) - click here for details.
  6. DIY Floor Plan ($50) - click here for details.
  7. Facebook Marketing Ad (Starting at $25) - click here for the Facebook Marketing FAQs.

Note: You can also order all of these products upfront when you order your photo shoot.

How to Order Products After Your Shoot

To add products to your order after your shoot is complete, log into your IMOTO account, and navigate to your Order History. Under your Order History, locate the completed order. You'll see two options on the order card:

  1. Add Products: This button allows you to add the products listed above
  2. Create a Facebook ad: This button lets you create a Facebook ad with your listing photos. You can find details on the Facebook Marketing Product HERE.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 1.02.54 PM

When you click on "Add Products" a pop-up will appear. You can select the products you'd like to purchase by clicking the product line. 

Add Products

You are able to select the photos you'd like to use for products that utilize specific photos from your listing. These products include: Virtual Twilight, Social Media Package, Virtual Staging, Listing Teaser and Green Grass.

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 1.29.08 PM

Note: When selecting products for the Social Media Package, you are instructed to select up to 4 exterior photos to be used in the Color Transformation Photo, "Swipe" Panorama Photo, Motion Photo, and Photo with Overlay. If you choose only 1 or 2 exterior photos, they will be used in multiple products on the Social Media Package. You are welcome to use drone shots or twilight shots for these products as well. The Slideshow Video in the social media package will feature a random selection of your listing photos. 

Complete the order by clicking the orange "Add Product" button and then completing your checkout. Your products will be delivered back to you the next day, and they will be added to your original order for you to view/download.

Your free Virtual Tour will automatically update with the new product(s) upon delivery. If you ordered a Premium Virtual Tour on your original order and would like the new products to appear in the Premium Virtual Tour, please contact customer service.

Note: Your products will be added to the original invoice for the order. You will be billed upon receipt of your products.